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3rd Street Diner

New York Style Diner

Healthy cooking

Healthy cooking

223 9th Ave S, Jacksonville Beach, Florida 32250
Phone:(904) 270-0080
Looking for a fresh moderately priced Greek food in Jacksonville?
Our American-Greek recipes maintain the same flavors our customers have enjoyed during  the last eleven years. If you are in the mood for breakfast at midnight, or  a rich hamburger, a light Greek salad, or  BBQ Ribs, or shrimp –

Healthy Cooking!

George Koutroumanos made the Baby BBQ Shrimp, famous at the BBQ LTD in Jacksonville Beach in the early 90’s.  In 2002 he opened the 3rd Street Diner, with his basic principles of simple-tasteful-healthy Greek style of cooking & living.  George natural cooking with fresh foods and simple coooking is not a simple task, he says.  “In order to maintain quality, I look for fresh ingredients and prepare all foods from scratch”.  “My competitors always asked me why I don’t use can products to elaborate my sauces”, it makes me sad, my philosophy is about exercise and healthy living”.

George brought his traditional Greek upbringing into his cuisine, while living in New York, and learning from his parents and mentors. He always says “You are what you eat”.  He goes out of the way to purchase fresh meats, fresh tomatoes, olive oil, and makes food simple and taste, “quality is the key”, George says.



Outdoors of beautiful Jax Beach on 3rd Street


Indoors of 3rd Street Diner

3rd Street Diner
Address: 223 9th Ave S, Jacksonville Beach, Florida 32250
Phone:(904) 270-0080